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Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosure

Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosure

As a professional designer and manufacturer of stainless steel metal enclosures, we offer you custom made floor mount metal enclosure and wall mount metal enclosure, which can be used as distribution box, electric meter box, street lighting control cabinet, waterproof cabinet, gas meter box and fire hydrant cabinet in many other applications.

The metal enclosure made from stainless steel with a high IP rating (i.e. IP67) is water and moisture resistant, thus protecting electrical or electronic equipment from the environment. We offer both small single door metal enclosure and large double door metal enclosure.

Our stainless steel electrical enclosures have obtained CE, UL, CCC and many other certifications.

    1. Wall Mount Metal Enclosure
    2. Wall Mount Enclosures Wall mount metal enclosure is specially designed to save floor space. This metal enclosure with high IP rating can protect electrical or electronic equipment from the environment and is easy to install and maintain.
    1. Floor Mount Metal Enclosure
    2. Floor Mount Metal Enclosure Floor mount metal enclosure offers more space for large equipment with complex mounting. It is suitable for heavy duty applications and is easy to control and maintain. Floor mount metal enclosure is manufactured using high quality metal sheet.
    1. Free Standing Metal Enclosure
    2. Free Standing Metal Enclosure Free standing metal enclosure is made using high quality type 304 stainless steel that provides optimum protection for electrical equipment from corrosion and other damages. It has a good appearance.
    1. Pole Mount Metal Enclosure
    2. Pole Mount Metal Enclosure Pole mount metal enclosure is mounted to the pole instead of to the wall, guaranteeing high ground clearance. The metal enclosure is designed with pitched roof and waterproof door seals that ensures better weatherproofing.
Sheet Metal Fabrication
We specialize in sheet metal fabrication since our foundation. So far, we have produced hundreds of sheet metal products, including stainless st eel distribution box, electric meter box, gas meter box, steel workbench, fire hydrant cabinet, smart express cabinet, tool box, household distrib ution box, low voltage distribution box, light box, stainless steel plate for pharmaceutical factory, stainless steel rubbish bin, etc. In addition, c ustom service is also available to you...Learn More
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